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Hotels Chain Investment Frenzy

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2013-10-28





News Story: BC Premier Christy Clark cut the banner at the Reopened Kamloops Coast Hotel After $9M Reno

– Coast Hotel -This $9M renovation is one of many recent Hotel projects in Kamloops. This project hits home for me because one of my tenant works as a server for banquets. She says it is very busy with tons of overtime, and she is proud of making great money.

Other recent/ongoing hotel projects include the construction of 2 new Sandman brand hotels, the downtown hotel upgrades , the new North Shore Holiday Inn, and many other projects. Maybe these major chains know a secret the rest of us don’t?


I don’t believe there are any secrets, if you know where to look.

These hotel chains are simply doing what makes good financial sense, by using the information at their disposal. Hotel chains have entire teams of analysts working to decide where best to invest, and have chosen Kamloops as a place to grow their money.

What does that tell you about Kamloops’ economy?

It tells me:

  • smart people with multi millions of dollars at stake believe Kamloops needs more hotel and conference centres
  • people are visiting in record numbers
  • many of those people will be using conference facilities
  • many of those people are business people, because tourists don’t need conference centres
  • it is worth my time to find out what opportunities exist for my family, friends and partners

To learn what opportunities exist for you, browse my blog for tons of FREE information on how Kamloops is growing, and how YOU can benefit. Think of this as your own personal team of analysts, without the huge bill ��

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