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My first cabinet install

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2013-10-22




I just got back from mom and dad’s place in northern Alberta where my brother and I continued to work on installing their basement suite.

The recent oil boom caused such a shortage of skilled labour that I had to install the cabinets.  Usually I hire a pro to do this kind of work, but everyone we called said we would have to wait until after Christmas!



I put in the cabinets in 2 days, a lot longer than the 1/2 day we budgeted for, but they look pretty good I think, and mom is happy so that’s all that matters ��

The labour shortage here made me sure glad to live and invest in Kamloops!

The huge trades program at TRU is pumping out skilled labour, ensuring there will be affordable trades people to get my investment property rent-ready whenever I need. I will never sit vacant waiting for a contractor, or take forever doing the physical work myself.

Of course working with my family on this project was a pleasure, but it would get old fast if my rental properties were in the middle of the oil boom.

Plentiful skilled trades is yet another reason to Invest Kamloops!

Until next time ,

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