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Why Invest in British Columbia?

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2012-10-31




Last week we saw how Canada will out preform the rest of the world economically for the next 50 years.

This week I will explain why I believe BC is the best place on earth(for Real Estate Investment).

Firstly, British Columbia’s is one of Canada’s top performers in terms of G.D.P. growth since 1989.  Remember that G.D.P. growth is the first signal of future real estate growth.

Second, since 1989, B.C. has been one of Canada’s “winners,” helping increase Canadian average G.D.P. growth.


bc gdp


According to Stats Canada Nov 19, 2012 publication “The Daily,” G.D.P. growth in B.C. increased 2.8% in 2011:

Economic output advanced 2.8% in British Columbia in 2011, following 3.2% growth the previous year. Business investment increased 9.3%, driven by outlays on non-residential structures and machinery and equipment. Business investment in residential structures was up 3.4%, more than double the pace in 2010. Exports rose 4.9% and imports 6.6%.



Just watch the “news” category of my website where I will detail all the benefits coming to B.C. as they unfold. Next post I will be unveiling my research into the Kamloops economy and detailing the many reasons I invest here.


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