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Thoughts arising from the "Create your future" 

weekend at Lake Las Vegas

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2019-01-23


Thoughts arising from the "Create your future event" at Lake Las Vegas

There is a condition called "imposter syndrome" that has been spoken about in the real estate circles I travel in, where successful and skilled people feel like a fake, and are afraid they will be "found out."  Sometimes this condition can paralyzed you from the action needed to achieve goals, but I believe I've found the antidote, and it boils down to this:  take quiet time alone often, and ask yourself questions.

I spoke with Russell Gray this weekend, he is one of the best copy writers I know in the real estate space.  He gets up at 3:45am every day to research and often writes a newsletter to his membership.  Now that is discipline in action!

I took a lot of notes during Russell's opening speech at the event where he introduced the main faculty member, and a few points really hit home, and I'll try to paraphrase:

"2019 is the last year of the second decade of the 21st century! We’re already on the threshold of the third decade (time move so fast as you age). 

I grew up at a time when I read books.

I took walks.

I had hours of time alone.

Today if I’ve got a couple minutes alone before getting plugged into whatever is going on in the world... There's some positives about that. But we’ve lost to a degree, the ability to be quiet.  To be alone with myself. Thinking. Asking myself questions and journaling the answers.  If you’ve done that before, you know the benefit of it.  Get really lost in yourself. To get it to really work is that when emotions flare up, that you don’t suppress them.  If go with the process, you’re going to meet somebody inside yourself, maybe for the very fist time.

You're going to open up to things in your heart that are very powerful which is important, because what you think and believe affects the actions you take, and those actions change your results. You can’t change your results just by forcing yourself to be disciplined to change your action. You have to go back and change your feelings.  What you believe in, what you want, and how to get there is already inside you, but we don’t talk to that side of ourselves often enough.

Practice this, and when those emotions flare up, don’t be self conscious about it, play full out and go with it. And if you do that,  you’re going to feel so much more centered,  focused,  inspired, and energized that you will be transformed.  If you create the environment for yourself then you have the option to go thorough the transformation process.  Don't suppress it, go with it."

You don't realize the power of taking time alone with yourself and plugging into your feelings.  I know that since Rod and I attended this event, our productivity has gone though the roof.  But not just that.... I've been more present and more patient with my kids. I've had intimate conversations with people I love that I hadn't had in a long time.  Measurable results since getting back:

- getting up around 4 am everyday to spend time alone, to write
- work on a couple big projects underway
- a sense of gratitude for life that I didn't have before the weekend away


Ahead of the RENTS meeting on Jan 31, take the time to answer some of these questions before you show up.  Make a commitment to "play full out" as we try to recreate just a small piece of what that weekend was all about. Ask yourself these questions: 

Who do you want to make peace with this year what do you want to acquire? 

What relationships do I need to repair before it's too late?

I have unfinished business with __________, how can I fix that?

Who do I have with whom have I left things unsaid?

How can you say that you've progressed on your goals? 

What are your top seven goals for 2019? 

How can I make an impact on the world using my skills?

 On this last question, I recently heard a story about Bob Marley.  When he wrote No Woman No Cry, he attributed the writing to a friend / mentor who operated a soup kitchen and helped Bob Marley in the impoverished neighborhood where Bob grew up. He gave credit to the man, so that  the royalties would pass him directly. This is a beautiful example of how you can use your skills instead of money to make the world a better place. 

What is your life's work?

Ask yourself lots of questions, write down the answers.  So simple, and yet so profound. 

Thank you Russell for lighting the path!




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