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Type II Civilization: Here We Come

by Sam Perren

700 words (3.5 minute read)

Originally Published: 2016-01-30


My mother in law Mae gave me a great book for Christmas.

I had not heard of Elon Musk before this book, but he is responsible for Paypal, Tesla, Solar City(largest solar panel design/finance/installation company in US), and for cutting the cost of a space launch from $450M to about $90M(5x cheaper). He is 44 years old and his goal is to bring humans to Mars in his lifetime, I think he will do it.

Inspiring guy!

Although, he did get divorced three times, twice from the same woman. That part perhaps I don’t want to emulate but otherwise an amazing guy.  Highly recommend this read if you want to be inspired.

I then read “The Martian”.

Within 30 hours. By staying up to 2 am two night in a row.

It’s that good.

The reason it’s so good(and has received accolades from the scientific community) is that it is so accurate to the science of space travel.  And the coolest part is it was written by a self professed nerd Andy Weir with a blog, published for free, downloaded and read tens of thousands of times before a publisher stepped up.  Then came the movie(not as good).


Currently in tech

As I write this I am listening to the “Tech Panel” of the World Outlook Conference 2016. Here are some notes that might interest you.

  • So much happening in tech now.
  • Amazon is doing trials with drones to deliver packages.
  • Running an open pit mine in Australia remotely.
  • Suncore ordered a fleet of self driving trucks – 24/7 productivity.
  • Telsa has a software update for $2500 for their vehicles to make them self driving.
  • Self driving tests are in happening in Ontario(this is huge because the regulatory environment is so far behind tech.)
  • Near field communication.  Like tap credit cards. Applications in everything electronic ie lights without wires to switches.
  • Mini death of web. Rise of Apps. More people on mobile, rare that browser is used. People are rather living in social media more, may hurt Google.
  • Exoskeletons being tested for seniors with mobility issues who can now lift 200lbs. Huge mobility improvements will happen thanks to aging population and demand.
  • Artificial Intelligence.  Still in the horizon but is coming – machines that are conscious.
  • Industrial evolution of medicine. Drugs can be tailored to the individual using genetic analysis. “23andme” to get your genome done for $300.  Learn your ancestry.
  • Investments and business can benefit from technology. Small players can kill big players now.  Newsbeat(sp?) media as an example gets more traffic vs entire Canadian media.  Amazon vs Walmart. Both could have been squashed if the big player was clued in.
  • Hootsuite, 30 people 4 years ago, 1000 people now. Nothing to lose, ability to make bold decisions and follow them through.
  • Always being disrupted from below, it’s the small and nimble company that can overtake the powerhouses.

I think this is great.


What this means to Real Estate Investors

I shared these ideas with a colleague and he said “what is that going to do to property values.”

Well, I have no idea what an acre on Mars starts at so it’s tough to predict ;).

What I do know is thanks to the huge and fast changes to technology and communication life is getting better. We already getting good/new books/movies/music thanks to this and “The Martian” is a prime example.  A guy published stuff he loves in a blog, and a short time later kills it at the box office while major Hollywood and Music company recycle old ideas with mixed results.  Proof and inspiration that there is hope for the future.

One person can now change the world. Or with aspirations like Elon Much, the galaxy.  It makes you realize that you do matter!

You have so much to contribute. You owe it to others to contribute your best!

Go out there and kill it,  Buck Rogers here we come. Until next time!


About the author: Sam Perren has helped dozens of investment partners aquire real estate, representing over $16Million CAD in purchases with rental income of over $100,000/mo. If you'd like access to Sam's "deal of the week" please click here.  

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