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Help! Tenant "Notice" to Vacate

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2019-01-23


It was New Year's Eve, and the last thing on my mind was my business. As a busy dad of 3 under six we were headed to a friend's place for dinner, making sure we had everthig, that the kids were clean and well dressed, and lecturing them to be on their bes behaviour.  Normal parentling stuff.  Then I get a text:


My mind goes into panic mode, worrying about all the work there is to do when a tenant turns over, wondering what deffered maintence needs to be done, and thinking that February is a terrible time to find new tenants. I then remembered that I have a process that has sucessfully dealt with hundreds of vacancies over the years, and this time was no different.  I put the matter out of my head and enjoyed a nice evening with friends ringing in the new year. 


When I got back to work, I review my process, and crafted a carefully worded email that went something like this:


Thanks for letting me know you intend to leave at the end of January. For your info, a text message doesn’t constitute proper notice under the Act. You can look up proper notice and other info at this link: 


Myself and Stacy will certainly work hard to find someone suitable to rent the place for Feb 1, 2019.  Since you are leaving before the fixed term tenancy is up, you will incur some liquidated damages as per your tenancy agreement which I’ve attached for your reference.  Stacy’s fee to rent a place is $300, and we will do our best to keep other costs down and avoid charging you any more than this. 

Given the current rental demand, finding a replacement for you should work out, but in the event a suitable tenant isn’t found, you are  responsible for the rent for the rest of your fixed term agreement, up to August 2019.  

Thanks in advance for your cooperation with Stacy while she arranged viewings, and congratulations on the purchase of your new home. 



If you're curious how the story ended, I'm happy to share at a future networking meeting, just ask me :).  If you want a copy of the Flowchart to Filling Vacancies that I use, please reach out!



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