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Invest Kamloops Newsletter

Dec 24, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 15

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-12-24


Invest Kamloops Newsletter | Dec 24, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 15


I’m sure you are rushing to get your last minute stuff done(I know I am), so I will keep this short.  ��

I’ve been really enjoying this time of year, and although I’ve not been as active in the past couple weeks with the business and this newsletter, the family time has been well worth it!  


Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Here is this week’s newsletter:


    1. Feature blog post – “Your fence fell on my car”
    2. Christmas Gift for you !
    3. December’s Economic Fundamentals
    4. Deal of the week: analyzed, researched, and ready to buy!




Your fence fell on my car

“It’s on my car and I can’t lift if off.”  That’s the call I got from a tenant late one windy night in early December.

What would you do?

This was actually the third bizarre complaint in the same week:

– A tenant swore and yelled at his upstairs neighbor and smashed at the drywall because he thought it was too noisy when they came home.  The upstairs neighbor was very frustrated as this has been an ongoing issue that finally culminated into a situation where they feel threatened.– A tenant gave notice to leave 2 months into a 1 year lease because they changed their mind about living downtown. This is a big deal because a tenant turnover typically involves 20 hours of additional work for me(I self manage for myself and my partner’s), and I had just finished scrambling to fill an unexpected vacancy the month before so I was still recovering from that.  This is on top of the work I do managing routine maintenance, keeping books, and building the business. (hardly leave time for full time work, sleep, and enjoying family time, so turnovers can be a challenge)

Stories like this can really freak out prospective property investors. 

The potential for problems can be very stressful for the uninitiated, and prevents many would be investors from taking action.  At times like this I sometimes wonder why I bother with property investing at all.  Then I remember some sage advice from a mentor in my day job in crisis management:



Please send me an email(sam@investkamloops.com) with “Merry Christmas” in the subject line and I will send you my most recent interview with a successful investor/business owner Tyler Getzen.  This guy is literally flying high and living his dream, so if you want some inspiration for Christmas you are going to want to check this out!

Have a great Christmas!




The coming boom in Kamloops(and how we are in the middle of the Recovery Phase of the real estate cycle) 


Invest Kamloops Economic Fundamentals

Low Oil Prices a Boon to Kamloops Residents and Transportation Industry– Dec 19:




Due to an overwhelming demand for consulting services, I am limiting new clients.


Are you…


– trying to decide if Real Estate investing is right for you?– struggling with a nightmare tenant?– thinking about selling?


If you have a real estate problem, advice from a third party can be invaluable. I have a solid consulting track record and has dealt with evictions, filling vacancies, and every tenant situation imaginable. Since services are in high demand, consulting rates start at $100/hr.


Book a FREE, no obligation, 30 minute phone call with me to learn if we can work well together. Call 1.888.532.7660 or email sam@investkamloops.com.*


– Sam


*When requesting a phone call, please provide as much information as possible. A detailed message or email complete circumstances will ensure I can best help you quickly.





This week’s deal is a longer term project(10 years would be ideal), but offers a solid cashflow and is in an area undergoing gentrification, so long term appreciation potential is phenomenal, here are the numbers:

Purchase: $410,000

Initial Cash Invested: $114,300


The mortgage has been pre approved! All we need is the funds, and your cashflow needs could be negotiated, it is possible to make your investment RSP eligible.


Rents: $900 x 4 = $3600

Return On Investment: 5% percent per year in Cashflow alone on year 1(with 30yr/ 3% mortgage), so a bit low, however this property is across the street from riverfront new construction and is in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification, so appreciation will be higher than normal.  Sale on year 10 could result in average of 24% ROI/yr.

There are simply too many good deals in Kamloops for me to capitalize on all of them. As result, I am publishing my proforma reports(including one for the above property) and the plans I would carry out on these properties. With these properties, the double digit returns I talk about on this website are easily within reach.

Since I am doing deal analysis on an ongoing basis anyway, I may as well help anyone who is searching for their next property in Kamloops.


The value of my pro forma analysis?

Well, if I could purchase them all, each one could be worth $1000/mo(the cashflow of my most recent deal). Since I cannot at the moment purchase them all, you can have them for $7 each.

Why only seven dollars? Especially when I spend at least two hours per week on my initial due diligence? Because I want to make sure the opportunities I find benefit you, my loyal readers.  If you can make money with a property I find, that makes me happy.


Invest Kamloops Interview Series

The Invest Kamloops monthly interview seriesfeatures successful business owners and investors who are benefiting from the Kamloops economy.  You will learn the secrets to their success, and specific strategies to implement.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been investing for a while, the stories here will inform and inspire.

 These interviews will show you what small changes in your life will produce big results.



Sam Perren is a Real Estate Investment Advisor, Family Man, Published Author, and a Police Officer.  Sam has purchased over 1 Million dollars in residential real estate, and is a member of Mastermind Networks who’s members have purchased over $5B of real estate. Sam’s education and experience includes two years of university sciences at UBCO, two years of carpentry, and more than seven years law enforcement. Sam successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course in 2011, a credential required for all financial advisers.

Sam is growing his portfolio using the S.A.F.E. principles he developed, and has been creating double digit returns using Real Estate since to the delight of his partners since 2009.  Sam is seeking more investment partners, however due to time constraints, opportunities to work with Sam are limited.  To learn more about the S.A.F.E. business model, and see opportunities available right now

Sam lives and invests in Kamloops BC, and can be reached at 1.888.532.7660 or sam@investkamloops.com.


About the author: Sam Perren has helped dozens of investment partners aquire real estate, representing over $16Million CAD in purchases with rental income of over $100,000/mo. If you'd like access to Sam's "deal of the week" please click here.