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Invest Kamloops Newsletter

Nov 18, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 11

by Sam Perren

1200 words (6 minute read)

Originally Published: 2014-11-18



This week has been great!

Spending time with my new kids(although it feels like it’s been forever) and building the business I love.

Landen with an old "baby shower" baloon

I met a ton of great people at the REIN meeting, and even got a chance to speak on stage! It was a bit scary but I have nothing but positive reviews, so even though it was my first time public speaking to more than a few people, I will chalk it up as a success.

Here is what is in this week’s newsletter:

  1.  Feature blog post – “Is there a Kamloops BOOM on the way?”
  2. REIN ACRE weekend highlights: my notes “Who is my best customer” and  the video of me on stage
  3. Deal of the week: analyzed, researched, and ready to buy!




Is there a Kamloops BOOM on the way?

Where is Kamloops in the Real Estate cycle?

The answer can be found in “The Secrets of the Canadian Real Livy and me on a walk after I got back from the REIN meeting(the next day)Estate Cycle.” The credibility of the authors is without question, Don Campbell has led the Real Estate Investment Network to be the most accurate predictor of which towns will perform well for the past 22 years!

From the rear cover:

With full-on analysis and exacting detail, this book addresses the fundamentals of the real estate cycle. Investment experts Don R. Campbell, Kieran Trass and Greg Head have collaborated with Christine Ruptash to produce this comprehensive guide to understanding the market cycle in your target area and which investment tactics to use to maximize profit in your current investments and strategically invest for portfolio growth.

After I read the book, I found that Kamloops is in the Recovery Phase of the Cycle. Read this detailed analysis and see if you agree!



Besides all the great training and content REIN provides, the ACRE weekend is a great time to network! I had the opportunity to network with a lot of people, but there never seems enough time to meet with everyone.  I was especially busy after I spoke to 300 people for the first time!


You can read/watch my first try at public speaking at the link above, and please let me know what you think.


I also took notes on an issue that directly affects the bottom line of all real estate investors: who is paying the rent and how can I get more? The answer lies with Millennials.



To keep in line with my theme of “How stuff works”, I took a video of my truck decals being made. My daughter helped me film it, and the process is cool to watch!

click to view




Due to an overwhelming demand for consulting services, I am limiting new clients.

Are you…

– trying to decide if Real Estate investing is right for you?– struggling with a nightmare tenant?– thinking about selling?

If you have a real estate problem, advice from a third party can be invaluable. I have a solid consulting track record and has dealt with evictions, filling vacancies, and every tenant situation imaginable. Since services are in high demand, consulting rates start at $100/hr.

Book a FREE, no obligation, 30 minute phone call with me to learn if we can work well together. Call 1.888.532.7660 or email sam@investkamloops.com.*

– Sam

*When requesting a phone call, please provide as much information as possible. A detailed message or email complete circumstances will ensure I can best help you quickly.




This week’s deal is a great one, here are the numbers:


Purchase: $325,000

Reno: $15,000

Rents: $3275

Cashflow: $833/mo

Total Investment: $91,512

ROI: about 11% per year in Cashflow alone.

To get full pro forma with the address and detailed numbers, you must either be on my investors list by clicking here, or be a paid subscriber(I am practically giving these away.) You can see what a full proforma looks like here: 724 Battle Street.

There are simply too many good deals in Kamloops for me to capitalize on all of them. As result, I will be publishing my proforma reports and the plans I would carry out on these properties to produce the double digit returns I talk about on this website.

Now, since I am doing deal analysis on an ongoing basis anyway, I may as well help anyone who is searching for their next property in Kamloops. The value of these analysis?

Well, if I could purchase them all, each one would be worth $1000/mo(the cashflow of my most recent deal). Since I cannot at the moment purchase them all, you can have them for $7 each.

Why only seven dollars when I spend at least two hours per week on my initial due diligence? Because I want to make sure the opportunities I find benefit you, my loyal readers.  If you can make money with a property I find, that makes me happy.


If you would like to subscribe to the password protected site area “Deal of the Week”, please

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Whether you are just starting out, or have been investing for a while, the stories here will inform and inspire.

 These interviews will show you what small changes in your life will produce big results.


 Sam Perren has purchased over 1 Million dollars in residential real estate, and is a member of Mastermind Networks who’s members have purchased over $5B of real estate. 

Sam’s education and experience includes two years of university sciences at UBCO, two years of carpentry, and more than seven years law enforcement. Sam successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course in 2011, a credential required for all financial advisers.

Sam is growing his portfolio using the S.A.F.E. principles he developed, and has been creating double digit returns using Real Estate since to the delight of his partners since 2009.  Sam is seeking more investment partners, however due to time constraints, opportunities to work with Sam are limited.  

Sam lives and invests in Kamloops BC, and can be reached at 1.888.532.7660 or at sam@investkamloops.com.



About the author: Sam Perren has helped dozens of investment partners aquire real estate, representing over $16Million CAD in purchases with rental income of over $100,000/mo. If you'd like access to Sam's "deal of the week" please click here.