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Invest Kamloops Newsletter | Nov 11, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 10

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-11-11



As usual, I ‘ve been busy.  Except for the month October, because I was mostly just enjoying the kids. Thanksgiving, Halloween, and everyday fun sure makes me a happy new parent.  But in the words of a fellow investor/parent whom I had the pleasure of talking business with last week, “Parent and property investor equals busy !”- Tom R

The kids are coming into their own, changing so fast. We had lots of firsts, here are some photos to give you an idea:


Playing with cousins in the leaves Shopping Playing with the big pumpkin
Playing with cousins in the leaves Shopping Playing with the big pumpkin
Dad plays with it too Resting after a busy day Trick or treat at the mall
Dad plays with it too Resting after a busy day Trick or treat at the mall
I think everyone who bought this costume at Target must have tried this First time at gymnastics Livy is shy to go under the parachute without mom
 think everyone who bought this costume at Target must have tried this First time at gymnastics Livy is shy to go under the parachute without mom


Besides all the fun family time, I have also been working on a few projects. 

1. Here is a sneak peek at how I am branding myself and attracting more business.

Invest Kamloops side (1)

I will share what it looks like once completed, this is just a concept for now.

2. I am also happy to announce that with my new found time(see my article below on FOCUS) I have been taking two online courses to better build my business and develop some skills I am lacking(read – effective time management). Ongoing training is vital for anyone wanting change, and is one of the reasons I am launching a monthly mastermind via the “Invest Kamloops Sucess Secrets Interview Series.” The stories of successful local business owners and investors will inspire change as we all strive to better outselves- Read and listen to a sample below.

3. I will be also publishing this Newsletter on a weekly basis, mostly so I can deliver deal analysis to you on all the great deals I see, but cannot complete – I am only one person unfortunately and due to time constraints cannot buy them all �� See a sample below



The importance of FOCUS

What I’ve noticed since getting kids is there is no longer time to work on all the projects I used to have.

At one time I was way too busy:– a wife and 2 dogs(they are part of the family) whom I love to spend time with;– a full time job as a police officer(2 long days, 2 long nights, 1 sleep day, 3 off, repeat);– running Haul Guys(marketing, answering calls, doing the odd haul job, handling/hiring/firing employees, dealing with equipment breakdowns, complying with monthly reporting to Worksafe BC/payroll, collecting delinquent accounts, paying bills);– and a real estate portfolio with 9 units to manage(feels like in a constant state of filling vacancies, repairs/renos, working to attract JV partners for more deals).

I still found time to be on Facebook, volunteer with Big Brothers, watch a couple movies per week, read a couple books a month, and a couple reality TV shows with my wife(I’m embarrassed to say Survivor is one of them, I used to make fun of my room mates for watching it!)

Then the kids arrived


GENERAL RICK HILLIER – Thoughts for Remembrance Day


I’ve been listening to a speech by Retired General Rick Hillier from the Alberta REIN meeting last month.  General Hillier has years of experience leading troops in times of turmoil. He shared his experiences with facing and overcoming adversity and offered some profound insights:

-Talked about things in life that are fundamentally powerful

– We are all leaders and change the way the world interacts around us

– Leaders have  a powerful tool at their disposal: Perpetual Optimism


– This is a tool that leaders need to harness: if you walk on the sidewalk and smile at 10 people coming at you, chances are that 9 of them will smile back; but if you look like you are beaten down and have the weight of the world on your shoulders, all those people coming at you will look the same way.

– We have every reason to exude optimism and fill those around us with inspiration and “piss and vinegar” to go out and change the world: if we in Canada couldn’t do it, who could?

– Life is very good in our awesome country, Canada is the best country in the world, we live a lifestyle that is a fantasy for 95% of the world , we can get educated, earn a living and raise a family; Canadians have won the lottery.

– Soldiers see how good it is in Canada better than anyone, and for that reason soldier are among the most optimistic people.

– In 41 of the 63 countries Gen. Hillier served in, something so basic as Rule of Law did not exist. There is no guarantee of personal security, security of businesses and corporations.

-While Canada was in Afghanistan, troops saw how Corruption without Rule of Law tainted and contaminated every aspect of the society. 50% of the economy is an illegal economy based on drugs: cannabis and poppy(98% 0f world’s heroin).

– Police officers were corrupted, so police forces were inefficient at very best.  Government officials were corrupted,  this crowded out the legal economy.

– Canada has the Rule of Law, because of this we don’t have to worry about drugs, the illegal economy. Because of the best police and judicial system in the world(ask a soldier if you disagree) its not a threat to our society or the stability of our country.

– 55% of Afghans are less than 14 years old and are craving education, kids would ask for pens and papers from soldiers so they could go to school. People saw education as a way out of the violence and poverty that existed in Afghanistan for the past four decades. With our education systems, another example of how we are in the best country in the world.

– Public executions would occur at halftime of the soccer games: one woman was shot in the middle of the field because she was caught walking with a man who was not an immediate relative of her. The game carried on afterward.

– Women wore full burkas – the effect was to make them a non-person. Women had to be in a head-to-toe burka(including face covering) anytime outside the family home. If she wore nail polish(all of them did) and were unfortunate enough to move her hand into view of the Taliban religious police, they would be beaten. If their heels clicked as they walked, they would be whipped.

– A little trigger to remind you to be optimistic: Next time you are outside, click your heels and listen to the noise and think about living in the best country in the world.

– As a leader, give credit to those who make you successful, and take responsibly when things go wrong and help everyone learn from it. That is how you inspire. Opposite of “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.”

-“You get my body because you pay for it, but you want my mind to be at work.”   How do you inspire someone to do difficult things: a soldier in Afghanistan was wearing or carrying 110lbs for 12-24hrs in 52*C.  If these young men and women are not inspired, they simply cannot perform.

– Canadians lost many good soldiers to Afghanistan, but were encouraged by constant support from dedicated people back home: grannies who write letters “to any Canadian Soldier”, Tim Horton’s set up a franchise at Kandahar, bringing the Stanley Cup on tour, stories of loved ones back home supporting.

– Many horrific injuries and deaths, however many inspirational stories of valor, and loved ones unbelievable support.  Story of a soldier who saved another’s life: 2 years later they were married.  “If that don’t light your fire, your wood is all wet.”

– Soldiers and families were wounded physically, psychologically, and spiritually. There are no atheists in foxholes.  When you are under fire, you believe in something.  Leadership seeks to address the woundedness of the troops.


Lots of wise words from a man who’s life experience dwarfs that of most of us.  Soldiers bear a heavy burden on our behalf! I have never heard it put better than as follows:

“We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.”


God bless our soldiers!




I am very happy to announce the release of my book “Your Life. Your Terms.”  Now that I have the copies from the printers, I am busy fulfilling orders.   Those of you who preordered should have it arrive in the mail soon!!

I am happy to pickup my books

The black mark on my thumb is where I caught myself with the drill in the summer at the basement addition

I am signing and shipping books

While the Kids Sleep

I used a printer in Vancouver, it’s a cool process if you’ve never seen it before. I shot a quick video at East Van Graphics:


Due to an overwhelming demand for consulting services, I am limiting new clients.

Are you…

– trying to decide if Real Estate investing is right for you?– struggling with a nightmare tenant?– thinking about selling?

If you have a real estate problem, advice from a third party can be invaluable. I have a solid consulting track record and has dealt with evictions, filling vacancies, and every tenant situation imaginable. Since services are in high demand, consulting rates start at $100/hr.

Book a FREE, no obligation, 30 minute phone call with me to learn if we can work well together. Call 1.888.532.7660 or email sam@investkamloops.com.*

– Sam

*When requesting a phone call, please provide as much information as possible. A detailed message or email complete circumstances will ensure I can best help you quickly.



On Thursday I checked out the local real estate club meeting and was pleased to be among local investors who are taking action.

One woman had purchased FIVE properties so far this year!

We got a chance to practice our “elevator pitch”, network with realtors, people with money to invest, and other investors seeking deals.

The highlight of the evening was a presentation by mortgage broker TEAGUE BRINKWORTH. Teague is very knowledgeable about the ever changing lending environment(I learned lots about my personal situation) and he is based right here in Kamloops.

A few tips to make getting mortgages easier:



There are simply too many good deals in Kamloops for me to capitalize on all of them. As result, I will be publishing my proforma reports and the plans I would carry out on these properties to produce the double digit returns I talk about on this website.

Here is an example of a “Deal of the Week”, the final numbers of my purchase in July. I am now ready for another purchase, but was not until this property was normalized.

724 Battle Street

Now, since I am doing deal analysis on an ongoing basis anyway(viewed 2 suitable houses last week, and one tomorrow evening), I may as well help anyone who is searching for their next property in Kamloops. The value of these analysis?

Well, if I could purchase them all, each one would be worth $1000/mo(the cashflow of my most recent deal). Since I cannot at the moment purchase them all, you can have them for $7 each.

Why only seven dollars when I spend at least two hours per week on my initial due diligence? Because I want to make sure the opportunities I find benefit you, my loyal readers.  If you can make money with a property I find, that makes me happy.


If you would like to subscribe to the password protected site area “Deal of the Week”, please

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INTRODUCING: Invest Kamloops Interview Series

The Invest Kamloops monthly interview series features successful business owners and investors who are benefiting from the Kamloops economy.  You will learn the secrets to their success, and specific strategies to implement.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been investing for a while, the stories here will inform and inspire.

 These interviews will show you what small changes in your life will produce big results.


Sam Perren has purchased over 1 Million dollars in residential real estate, and is a member of Mastermind Networks who’s members have purchased over $5B of real estate. 

Sam’s education and experience includes two years of university sciences at UBCO, two years of carpentry, and more than seven years law enforcement. Sam successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course in 2011, a credential required for all financial advisers.

Sam is growing his portfolio using the S.A.F.E. principles he developed, and has been creating double digit returns using Real Estate since to the delight of his partners since 2009.  Sam is seeking more investment partners, however due to time constraints, opportunities to work with Sam are limited.  

Sam lives and invests in Kamloops BC, and can be reached at 1.888.532.7660 or at sam@investkamloops.com.


About the author: Sam Perren has helped dozens of investment partners aquire real estate, representing over $16Million CAD in purchases with rental income of over $100,000/mo. If you'd like access to Sam's "deal of the week" please click here.