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Invest Kamloops Newsletter | Oct 3, 2014 | Vol 1 | Issue 8

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-10-03




Here we are in October already! As usual I’m up to a lot of stuff:

– I was busy last month publishing an entire website documenting my 10 day 800km bike ride to raise money for sick kids, read about it here. Thanks to all my supporters, I raised almost $4000, and Cops for Kids totalled almost $300,000!

– My signed book will be shipped to my generous donors next week, I’m excited to share my story of origin and for my first time being published!
















Copies will be available for purchase through Amazon, so stay tuned for the official launch.

– My aunt was visiting and inspired me to get my first(and last) body alteration: a tattoo!

– In the midst of all this, I have completed three simultaneous renovations:


my Downtown, Sahali, and Northshore properties.1. Northshore: I added a bathroom, replaced carpets and paint for cheap thanks to a great deal I worked out with my tenants: they provided labour for free in exchange for no rental increases for two years. The materials will be paid for in equal payments for 2 years with no interest thanks to a Home Depot, so that renovation cost me nothing out of pocket. Truly win-win!Also new tenants moved in the basement Oct 1st, so I am now again at 0% vacant.2. Downtown: the basement was completed and is now rented for $1333, I will let you know how things progressed there in part 2 of my “Buy, reno, rent” post once the refinance is completed. This is a great deal for my investment partner and I :)…I can’t wait to share the detailed numbers and to repeat this over and over!3. Sahali: A new shower was installed in my one of Sahali townhouses. This was done while it was rented, making the tenants happy for a new shower, and me too because I don’t have to be vacant during the work!

– “How to raise rents in BC” is progressing, my next online session is tomorrow. I had some great questions last week, and look forward to another round of stimulating training.

– And finally, since Marcy has gone back to work teaching, I am now firmly embracing my role as Mr Mom. I have a lot of respect now for those that juggle kids, jobs and whatever else they do. There is hardly time for anything else!

Any advice on meal planning or sleep schedules from you experienced parents would be appreciated ��

But, enough about me, on to business…


Ajax Mine – Fact vs Fiction

There has been a lot of controversy ever since the Ajax mine project was announced in Kamloops a few years back.

This project could bring a few hundred high paying jobs to the area and be a healthy source of tax revenue for the city for 20+ years.

As the environmental review, a PR campaign and red tape is navigated by the company(KGHM International), the people of Kamloops are forming opinions.



I will be documenting phase 2 of the downtown renovation/rental project once we get the refinance results. In the meantime, here is a video of the finished product. I use these videos to market to potential tenants and it works very well. I am always amazed that I put more effort into renting a home than most people do to sell one…


Due to an overwhelming demand for my consulting services, I am limiting new clients.

If you need my help I need as much information as possible, so when contacting me please leave a detailed message or email complete circumstances so I can best help you.

Are you…– trying to decide if Real Estate investing is right for you?– struggling with a nightmare tenant?– thinking about selling?

If you have a real estate problem, advice from a third party can be invaluable. I have a solid consulting track record and have dealt with evictions, filling vacancies, and every tenant situation imaginable. Since my services are in high demand, consulting rates start at $100/hr.

To book a FREE, no obligation, one hour phone call with me to see if we can work well together, call 1.888.532.7660 or email sam@investkamloops.com.



The Ultimate Wealth Strategy


I discovered that people have been executing the strategy I used on my latest real estate purchase(downtown), and three successful investors in Ontario wrote a book on the subject.



Here are some stories of interest and how they affect Kamloops real estate investors:– Kamloops is a hidden gemKamloops has been mentioned in numerous online polls. The increased exposure attracts businesses, investment, and people. All these are good for property prices and rents.

– Kamloops churches getting into residential real estate. With very little housing in Kamloops and no “affordable” housing, charities are taking advantage of low interest rates. The city of Kamloops is more than happy to cooperate, consolidating church property with surrounding land in a bid to encourage densification. Mixed use buildings such as these will be residential development above commercial development in areas that are both transit and pedestrian friendly. For investors like me, this means any change of use plans(the most profitable way to invest in a property) will be supported.

– Ongoing infrastructure improvement/maintenance – $7.8M roadwork in Kamloops. Infrastructure improvement is needed to ensure population growth is able to continue unfettered, and the Kamloops area sees constant improvement projects like this one.

– Kamloops lives up the name Canada’s Tournament Capital – 2016 World Hockey Championship Announced and BC Lions to hold training camp in Kamloops for the next 3 years through to 2017. As the “Hidden Gem” article above states, the more exposure Kamloops gets, the better for the economy!

– UPS expands to BC with Kamloops as hub. Kamloops is a natural base for transportation companies, right in the middle of BC. Any expansion requires an office, and jobs, right here in Kamloops.

When most people see these headlines, they take little notice and carry on to the comics section, or flip the channel/hit PVR to watch their favourite reality TV shows. I see the opportunity in these “boring” news announcements, and am happy to share how this information can impact you and me in real life.

For example, I already had a UPS driver applicant at one of my rental properties!


I have been investing in Real Estate in Kamloops B.C. since 2009. The experience has been both eye opening and profitable with over 1 Million dollars in Real Estate purchased so far.

Although this “magic” number in today’s dollars is less than when I was a boy, it’s a milestone I am proud of.

Other real estate investors are now expanding their portfolio using my S.A.F.E. investment principles.

I have been creating double digit returns using Real Estate for my partners and look forward to helping new clients achieve the same.


About the author: Sam Perren has helped dozens of investment partners aquire real estate, representing over $16Million CAD in purchases with rental income of over $100,000/mo. If you'd like access to Sam's "deal of the week" please click here.