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Kamloops Feature Employer: Thompson Rivers University

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-08-24


TRU is an established university with enormous growth potential. Already in 14 years it has grown from a small college to a large university.

Student Headcount 2012/2013:

On Campus: 13,170

Open Learning: 11,794

Dual Enrolled: 819

Unique Total: 24,145

These numbers include 1,570 international students from more than 80 countries, who all need a place to live in Kamloops. The number of international students grows each year as TRU gains reputation and markets more aggressively on the world stage.

TRU has recently opened the first new lawschool in Canada in 33 years, and as result 100 more students are admitted each year.  Renovations to the law building to the tune of $20M were completed this summer, and this is project has won several awards.

52 more seats were recently added with the announcement of new trade program funding, with many more trade school spots to come.

Builders have recognize the demand and are rushing to complete new student housing. In fact, 88 new student focused condos are currently under construction. 44 are already leased and phase 2 is almost done. The good news for current landlords is the new units are being rented at top of market. 


If landlords/investors keep their units in great shape, students offer yet another tenant profile to market to for huge cashflow.

Besides over 13,000 students who live in Kamloops, TRU boasts impressive employee numbers too. 1693 staff are employed at TRU, plus 425 faculty who each earn around $100,000/ yr. In fact, 148 staff make over $100k/yr!

This is a university focused on growth, so even though already one sixth of Kamloops’ population is a student or employee at TRU, there are going to be more people coming to the area.

TRU is yet another economic driver in Kamloops, and is helping spur the rental and housing markets to new highs.


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