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This girl hates me!

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-05-01




I got this angry message the other day.


Apparently “I charge too much rent.”

Some people think I’m greedy, or call me a “slumlord” or say it’s evil because I work hard to earn a little extra money.

Here is the truth of the matter:1. The renovation on this property employed a local renovator for a week to the tune of $3500.

2. The tenant who moved in loves the place and is grateful and proud to have a well kept home in a nice neighbourhood.

3. Before I bought this place it sat empty for over a year, benefiting no one and hurting the prior owners. Property is very expensive with big bills. Almost all the rent collected pays expenses and the mortgage. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

4. All 9 tenants I currently serve call me the best landlord they have ever had because I spend so much money and time making sure their home is perfect. I have thank you notes, testimonials and lots of phone numbers of previous tenants who called me the best landlord. So I’m not arrogant, just advertising the truth.

5. I give generously of my time and money. I volunteer with Big Brothers and Sisters, and am working toward giving away 10% of what I earn(I am still under 5% but my goal is to increase by 1% a year). The more I earn the more influence I have to make the world a better place. I HIGHLY recommend this book.

6. My investors don’t think I am greedy, they know how hard I work to get them a decent return on every dollar they entrust to my care. A better return than can be found anywhere else!

7. Pathetic indeed… That energy spent trying to squash others is not used to try and better yourself…


A Pipl search showed me that this is likely my accuser :


If I found the wrong person, I apologize, and I will remove your plenty-of-fish profile from my blog, just send me a nice emailed request ��

To the author of that email that must have been intended to hurt my feelings, or perhaps pick a fight:

1. Your negativity and hatred unfortunately did bother me and shake my confidence a bit, even though you are a complete stranger. Imagine how that attitude affects those who are close to you, or even worse, yourself.

2. I get emailed alerts daily for what rental stock there is , and who is looking. Today’s email there was NO rentals available, just people in need. I do my best to province a great service to people who need it. Like these three families who can’t find a place to live.


3. I’m sorry my business venture offended you so much.


But I’m not sorry about this:


Dear knitanpurl,


In your face!


P.S.To learn more on this topic and about why cheap rent is a disservice to EVERYONE, read “Am I a mean landlord?”

Best regards,


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