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Happy(less fat) New Year

by Sam Perren

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Originally Published: 2014-01-01




Well, it was an interesting nightshift.


While most people were doing the countdown and singing Auld Lang Syne, I was running through a field after a 15 year old who I had just caught with some pot.

He got scared and jumped a fence and then booked it through a field.


I jumped the fence after him, and after I got over being mad at myself for bring so complacent and letting him get out of arms reach, I realized more than ever that I have let my fitness slide too far.

After a short sprint in the snow, and yelling at him something about stopping right now, I was winded! Lucky for me he fell in some bushes in the dark and decided to lay there and try to hide.

I followed his footsteps in the snow, and we got back to the cruiser just in time for the clock to tick into 2014.

This experience further enforces the need for my fitness goal in the new year: lose 40lbs to get back to the 215lbs I was when I started this job 6 years ago.

This goal is more complex and multi faceted than it seems. A lot of action steps are required: stop overrating, drink more water, get appropriate sleep(7.5hrs/day is what I need), exercise at least 20min a day, plan healthier meals, and control my sweet tooth.

You may be wondering, since I already know how to be at my healthy weight, why am I still struggling?

My weight gain is a symptom of a bigger, hidden problem: time management.

I lead an incredibly busy lifestyle. With a full time job, two side businesses, a wonderful wife with whom I want to spend as much time as possible, and family commitments, there is lots of important things competing for my time.

As result the most important tasks for sustaining a healthy life are put off: enough sleep, exercise, prayer, healthy meals, and drinking water.

The more these are neglected, the worse they get. ie. Too busy for enough sleep = sleep in and miss workout = groggy when wake up= drink coffee = get dehydrated = overeat sugary foods = get fat = lower energy etc…

It’s a vicious cycle.

Being fat and tired is killing me. It’s in the way of my life’s purpose: my income, fitness, and spiritual goals.

"fatigue makes cowards of us all – Vince Lombardi"

I don’t have time to be a coward. My goals require bold behaviour.

That is why in 2014 I am committed to making healthy choices a habit. I got the book “Daily Rituals” as a gift and will be studying the daily habits of successful people.

With that in mind, here are my goals for 2014:

1. I will learn and implement strategies to incorporate healthy daily tasks into my life, and my old excuse about shift-work making routine impossible will no longer be acceptable.

2. I will jealously guard my time and schedule everything around my daily rituals.

3. I will not consume anything from a drivethru window.

4. A 15yr old will never outrun me again!

What are your goals for 2014?

Please share, and until next time,


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